Sample Walks

There are five sample walks and they are all in PDF format, and you must have Adobe Acrobat viewer installed on your computer. For a FREE copy of the latest version of this product, click on the Adobe icon below:

Choose a walk from this list. A click of the mouse will take you to the walk:

  • Poynton's Pits and the Anson Engine Museum (730kB)

  • Rainow: Lamaload Reservoir (611kB)

  • Prestbury to Mottram (640kB)

  • Wildboarclough, Gradbach and Three Shire Heads (1078kB)

  • Wilmslow: Lindow, Saltersley and Mobberley (522kB)

    The number at the end of each choice is the size of the PDF. The bigger the number, the longer it will take to download - but even the biggest one will take just a few seconds with a broadband connection!

    Once you've displayed the walk you can print it and/or save it. When finished, close the window in which the walk PDF opened and you'll be returned to this page. Happy Walking!